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Announcement of Termination of Partnership

between Director Hui-Chen Huang and Producer Diana Chiawen Lee


This is to announce the termination of partnership between director Hui-Chen Huang and producer Diana Chiawen Lee started on 31 July, 2017.

Diana Chiawen Lee has no authority or rights to represent the films Small Talk or The Priestess Walks Alone in any forms since the aforementioned date.  

Diana Chiawen Lee has ended her participation in the international and domestic distribution works of Small Talk (and The Priestess Walks Alone) by mid- 2017.

Our sincere apologies if any of you (organization or institution) contacted the producer Diana Chiawen Lee to invite the film or the director Hui-Chen Huang but did not receive any response.

Should you wish to invite Small Talk or The Priestess Walks Alone for screenings outside of Taiwan, please contact Mr. Han Sun in Mirrorstage Films.

Email: fest.smalltalk




自2017年7月31日起,導演黃惠偵與製片李嘉雯(Diana Chiawen Lee)已正式終止合作關係,製片李嘉雯(Diana Chiawen Lee)不再以任何形式、於任何場合代表《日常對話》及《我和我的T媽媽》兩部影片。






SMALL TALK received Teddy Award Best Documentary at the 67th Berlinale 

The jurors stated: 

"'Small Talk' is the director’s courageous portrayal of her family story, which gives the audience an inside look at a culture we might not be familiar with. This powerful documentary manages to be of universal significance and extremely intimate at the same time."

February 1st, 2017


SMALL TALK screening schedule at the Panorama Berlinale announced:

10.02.2017                22:30                CineStar 7*


11.02.2017                17:30                Cubix 7*


16.02.2017                20:00                CineStar 7 (Premiere)


17.02.2017                14:30                CineStar 7 (repeat)


*advance screenings

all screenings, except for Feb 10, will have Q&A with the filmmakers


Click here to download our press kit. 

Visit Berlinale for the Panorama Brochure.
Advance ticket sales start on Monday, February 6 at 10.00 am (CET).



The First Time A Taiwanese Documentary to
Screen In Festival’s Panorama Section


Taipei, Taiwan  - Thursday, December 22, 2016 – Small Talk Productions proudly announces that Ri Chang Dui Hua (Small Talk), by Taiwanese director Hui-chen Huang, will have its international premiere at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival 2017 (February 9 ~ 19, 2017).


Ri Chang Dui Hua (Small Talk is the first Taiwanese documentary to ever screen in the Panorama section at the Berlinale. The film had its world premiered in November at the 54th Golden Horse Film Festival in Taipei, Taiwan, and was nominated for Best Documentary and Best Editing at the 2016 Golden Horse Awards.


Ri Chang Dui Hua is Hui-chen Huang’s feature directorial debut. The film is executive produced by auteur filmmaker Hou Hsiao-hsien, produced by Diana Chiawen Lee, with original score by Lim Giong and Point, lensed by Ting-chieh Lin and edited by Wan-yu Lin.


Berlinale Panorama says Ri Chang Dui Hua is “a family story of a very special kind, produced by Hou Hsiao-hsien. The mother earns a living as a spirit guide for the deceased at their funerals: she was never at home, always out and about with her girlfriends instead. The daughter now goes to great lengths to attempt to understand her mother. A cosmos opens before us, one which manages to be of universal cultural significance and extremely intimate at the same time.”


The Berlinale Panorama annual showcases “new films by renowned directors, debut films and new discoveries. The selection of films provides insight on new directions in art house cinema. Traditionally, Auteur Films – movies with an individual signature – form the heart of the programme.”


Specific screening times/dates to be announced.


To review the film, interview the filmmakers, or inquire about acquisitions, please contact:


Han Sun | Distributor


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